High Priorities :: NOOK Turner Taps MO3 & Trina For ‘Put Ya Hustle 1st’

I’ve been a long-time fan of hip-hop, but there was a definitive point in my life where I became a participant in the culture as well.  When that time occurred, I was down with a crew known as DKC, headed by Austin hip-hop legend and Jump On It! Summer Concert Series creator NOOK Turner.  With that time being so long ago, it’s good to see that NOOK is still actively releasing music and growing his brand.  I recently stumbled across his latest single, the ethos-driven anthem Put Ya Hustle 1st, a rhythmic affirmation of the stance that NOOK Turner has always taken with assistance by hip-hop powerhouse Trina and a hook from MO3.  If you like hip-hop that makes your head nod while simultaneously filling it with good information, then Put Ya Hustle 1st is the track for you… the numbers are already up on it, but you can help drive them sky high by liking, commenting and sharing the video around if you feel it.



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