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Consumer Products :: Juicy The Emissary Gets Down On ‘Attention Kmart Choppers’


Most of us familiar with the internet know how the first part of this story goes.  K-Mart used to play muzak in their stores.  A former employee took a look behind his local store’s customer service desk to check out the sound system, and he found some old cassettes featuring said muzak.  He collected them over time, uploaded an archive of them to the internet many years later, and the internet’s viral nature took care of the rest.

Many producers, myself included, marked that page as something to revisit, comb through and eventually mine for production material.  Lots of us talk, but action speaks louder than words, and Juicy the Emissary is a man of action.  He created a collection of beats from these lost tapes that would easily make me spend all of my time and money in whatever vestiges of Kmart are left in the US.  Attention K Mart Choppers is definitely worth your time and money… support creative cats doing creative things!