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Triple Trouble :: BoomBaptist, Juicy The Emissary And Elaquent Release ‘Komfort Food’

You’ve seen the posts about the singles, but the moment of truth has finally arrived.  I’m sharing the release of Komfort Food directly off the strength of the parties involved : BoomBaptistJuicy the Emissary and Elaquent are all well known for their diverse and impactful production, so I know that I don’t need to have heard Komfort Food to know it’s an instant classic.  Trust me, I’ll definitely be bumping it this weekend, but in the meanwhile, why don’t you go ahead and give it a listen?  Maybe cop it?  Definitely share it around.



Snack Attack :: BoomBaptist Reveals More From ‘Komfort Food’

After Juicy the Emissary dropped Yumy/Muny last week, the anticipation for the upcoming Komfort Food project hit hard nearly instantly.  Before my post even saw the light of day the following Monday, however, the homie BoomBaptist swooped in with not only the Komfort Food cover art and merchandise pre-orders, but he dropped two additional tracks from the project : his classic track Toucan Wing, and an Elaquent track titled The Official.  At this point, I’m definitely hype for the January 29th release of Komfort Food, and I hope you are too.


Groove Food :: Juicy The Emissary Hits Listeners With ‘Yumy/Muny’

Are you ready for a super-collaboration from some of the dopest producers around?  After hearing Juicy the Emissary‘s latest single, the super groovy Yumy/Muny, I know I am… it appears that this single is the opening salvo off of Komfort Food, an upcoming collaboration between Elaquent, BoomBaptist and Juicy the Emissary.  I don’t know when it’s coming out, but I promise you I will be posting about it when it does, so keep your eyes and ears open.  In the meanwhile, why don’t you check out this track, share it around, and drop Juicy a buck if you’ve got it?


Tight Squeeze :: Juicy The Emissary Gets Summer Jam Crazy With ‘That Thang Is Juicy’


2019 summer is about to be crazy… I can tell, because everyone is putting their best foot forward early, and we’ve got a long way to go.  Juicy the Emissary is no stranger to the remix, and his latest track is a mellow summer-style jam that takes some classic Project Pat lyricism and re-contextualizes it in a way that will more than likely put an automatic smile on your face.  This one should definitely be in consideration for your heavy rotation, so share it around, get the download (and the bonus track), and leave a buck or two if you’re feeling generous!


Consumer Products :: Juicy The Emissary Gets Down On ‘Attention Kmart Choppers’


Most of us familiar with the internet know how the first part of this story goes.  K-Mart used to play muzak in their stores.  A former employee took a look behind his local store’s customer service desk to check out the sound system, and he found some old cassettes featuring said muzak.  He collected them over time, uploaded an archive of them to the internet many years later, and the internet’s viral nature took care of the rest.

Many producers, myself included, marked that page as something to revisit, comb through and eventually mine for production material.  Lots of us talk, but action speaks louder than words, and Juicy the Emissary is a man of action.  He created a collection of beats from these lost tapes that would easily make me spend all of my time and money in whatever vestiges of Kmart are left in the US.  Attention K Mart Choppers is definitely worth your time and money… support creative cats doing creative things!


New Hot Sounds :: Juicy The Emissary

from the digital desk of Juicy The Emissary:

“Juicy the Emissary is an aural architect, arranging sounds to create unshakable structures capable of accommodating the most fastidious audio dwellers.  Cultural Refugee is an instrumental album themed on the cultural impacts of the evolving media market.”

Don’t believe that?  Take a listen: