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Traveling Sounds :: Butcher Bear And Soundfounder Represent Exploded Drawing On Dublab And CultureRemixed In Los Angeles



On almost a daily basis, the homies from Austin continue to make me proud.  This time, it’s my Exploded Drawing brethren (and co-founders of the movement) soundfounder and Butcher Bear doing it big.  They recently took a trip to Los Angeles to spread the goodness that is Exploded Drawing, and while in the area they made two very important stops for mix sets.  The pair made a stop at CultureRemixed.com for a mix set and an interview, as well as a mix set stop at dublab, both of which are filled with obscure goodness and local tunage.  I’m proud to be a member of the crew, and happy for everything that they’ve accomplished and continue to accomplish… at this point, there’s truly no ceiling for the possibilities in regards to Exploded Drawing and its continued rise.


Science From The Dublab :: Kinder Gets The “Mean Reds”

dublab.com, in all of their infinite wisdom, has decided to include the homeboy Kinder into their library of superb mixes.  This one is titled Mean Reds, and it’s a free download WELL worth your time.  Get it, jam it, share it… you know the drill.


Solstice Soul :: Lo Phi presents “SeasiNfluence”

from the dublab.com digital desk:

Lo Phi has created a gift for your mind. He understands that your neurons want to fire into bright blazes lighting up the purple night sky. They are shouting to the universe, “yes, we’re here and we’re smashing the so called limits of brain capacity. We’re using it all at once, hopscotching and crackling like trillion legged lightning storms. Let’s exist in the past and future at once and know that at any moment we’re balanced right in between, smiling at how lucky we are to spend our time spinning on this watery marble. Well for this life at least. Next time we’ll be a bit of stardust floating silently through the deeply draped darkness of space.”