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Surreal Life :: DDotElles And Carlos Pagan’s ‘efa’

Never let it be said that Austin hip-hop lacks depth.  The latest to provide a gem to the continuum of creation is DDotElles, who connected with director Carlos Pagan to create the meta-documentary efa.

The beauty of this project was its ability to mix sincerity with deeply sarcastically dry humor.  DDotElles has always been appreciative of film (as myself), and the ability to tell this story deeply reflects that.  Echoes of Spinal Tap, comedian Steven WrightThe Real World and more are immediately apparent.  The jokes land sharply, and DDotElles skill and passion are captured.  The home Delano Taylor is also showing some nice comedic chops as well in a wonderful guest appearance.

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Nobody Matters :: DDotElles And PeaCe Collab On ‘EFA’

The term ‘vicious cycle’ can be a hard one to put a tangible definition on.  The plight of the Black man and woman in America, however, seems to continually provide examples that fit squarely within what one would deem a vicious cycle.  DDotElles and PeaCe (who also provided the track) put their reflections on recent events that have propelled the #BlackLivesMatter movement down so eloquently for EFA, and the end result is quite moving.  PeaCe‘s ‘caught between a rock and a hard place’ narrative balances well against the deep reflection of DDotElles on ‘isolated incidents’ that occur ‘too many times’.  Of all the MCs in AustinDDotElles continues to be the most thought provoking.  Take a peek at his lyrics on the Soundcloud page.