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Making Memories :: Orthy Drops Lyric Video For ‘Which Is Better’

As Orthy prepares for the release of Fable Living, his latest full-length release, his promotional game has been top notch.  After a handful of single releases, Orthy has gone nostalgic on us with his lyric video for Which Is Better.  On top of showcasing the clever wordplay in the chorus and the heartfelt verses, the video also provides a peek into his personal life, with footage of family, friends, work time and downtime all cut to the infectious tune.  Check it out, leave a like and a comment, and share it around so that Orthy can blow up and win our childhood bet about who will be famous first.


Actual Magic :: Orthy Drops New Single In The Form Of ‘Your Spell’


I’m always happy when the homies are productive, especially the ones I knew before any of us were turning our dreams into reality.  That’s why any Orthy has new work out, I’m all in, considering I’ve known the dude well over half of my life.  In anticipation of his upcoming album Fable Living, due out in January 2020Orthy has released the first single, an appropriately magical piece of synth-pop titled Your Spell.  The energy is high, the arrangement is lush, and it sets a nice, high bar for what the album may possibly hold in store.  Check out the track now, and get ready for the full-length when it touches down, no doubt.