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Curating Cool :: Ian Orth Creates Awesome Playlist For Margin Walker Staff Mix Series


I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Ian Orth (of Margin WalkerLearning Secrets and Orthy) since we were both little kids.  I remember us always talking about how we’d both grow up to be musicians and artists, living our dreams and controlling our destinies as me leave our mark on the cultures that influenced us so deeply.  Now, what feels like a generation later, Ian and myself are both members of Austin‘s ever-thriving music scene, and in his case, he is definitely influencing the culture in very tangible ways.  Case in point, his work with Margin Walker has not only allowed him to book numerous bands in town, but it has afforded him the opportunity to showcase songs he loves via the Margin Walker Staff Mix Series on Spotify.  The link is connected to the image above, so click that baby pic and dive in to some wonderful sounds!



Hometown Props :: Orthy’s ‘Oasis’

Oasis isn’t particularly new or anything, but there’s nothing wrong with taking a moment to reflect on your hometown and all that it has shaped you into.  Orthy is a childhood friend of mine, and both of us knew way back then that we would be making music as adults.  Oasis in video form manifested into a love letter to Austin, the town that shaped us into the men we are.  Enjoy some beautiful drone footage of the ‘Live Music Capitol of the World’!


Just Like We Used To Dream :: Orthy Drops ‘E.M.I.L.Y. EP’

When we were just kids growing up, skating and riding our bikes in those Austin streets of the 80s and 90s, Orthy and I used to talk about what it would be like when we were both older, dropping albums, playing shows, and living our dreams.  It’s good to know that both of us shared that future vision, and that both of us continue to grow in our respective crafts.  Support a longtime friend of mine, and enjoy yourself to some beautifully haunting electronic pop music.


Lost In The Stimulus :: Orthy’s “E.M.I.L.Y.” Video

Super cool video from Orthy.. reminiscent of those late nights stuck watching access TV in Austin.  A visual and audio trip, for sure.