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Quiet Storm :: ConductHer Explores New Sounds With ‘So Soft’


One thing that we will always champion at this blog is growth.  When ConductHer first popped up on the scene as a member of ChurchCough, her fearless nature was obvious, and the potential of high skill was already present.  Over the past year or two, ConductHer has honed in on her writing, performance and production skills, and as she explores her solo career, listeners have been continually blessed with large leaps in terms of sonic improvement.  Her latest single, So Soft, is a powerful ballad in honor of attempts and unconditional love, fueled by and understanding and love of self.  ConductHer not only went all out on the production with this one, but her singing voice shines brightly in contrast to her signature flow.  I know she just hit us with Gemini Season, but if So Soft is an indication on what’s in store, then I’m here and all for it.



Parallel Thought :: ConductHer Releases ‘GEMINI SEASON’


After cutting her teeth as a member of experimental duo ChurchCough, 2019 seems to have found ConductHer making major strides in her personal journey of creation.  After closing up 2019 with the releases of the solo venture Female Masturbation and the collective project ChurchCough & FriendsConductHer hit the production and writing vibes heavy.  GEMINI SEASON presents everything you want to see in the progression of the artists you dig : intriguing and thought-provoking writing, lush and vivid production, and the confidence that comes with getting multiple projects under your belt.  GEMINI SEASON, in all honesty, is more of a statement than it is an album, and it’s certainly a statement worth taking in and considering.  Check out the project, share it around and drop ConductHer a couple of bucks for the download if you can spare it.


Twin Hype :: ConductHer And Dream Puppy Drop ‘Vagabond’ Single


The awareness of self is something that all humans deal with, but for artists, that awareness can be as burdensome as it is insightful.  ConductHer, in anticipation of the release of her new project Gemini Season, decided to pair with Dream Puppy for an examination of this self-awareness in the form of Vagabond, an embrace of both sides of that dichotomy.  The track shows growth in the production, with a strength in the subdued and layered nature of the track that allows the lyrical honesty to shine properly.  If this is a taste of what Gemini Season will be about, I’m ready for a larger dose.  Check out the track, share it around, and support your local creatives!