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Road Warriors :: Jonathan Brown’s ‘Be Careful’ Video

Now that the summer heat is finally beginning to subside, many of my musical friends are putting together or embarking on their last tours of the year.  Jonathan Brown (based out of New Orleans) is one of those artists that tends to spend almost as much time, if not more, on the road as he does at home.  In light of his recent release Aggressively Vulnerable, and the tour that is currently underway in support of it, Brown put together a video for his Blueprint produced single Be Careful.  The song is a testament to his time spent on the road, his attempts at connections, and the toll that being on the road takes on an artist.  This one is definitely a bonafide classic all around, and the numbers are proportionately proving it.  Definitely give this one a like, a comment and a share, and show support to your independent creatives.


Seed Money :: Jonathan Brown Releases Indiegogo Campaign For ‘Aggressively Vulnerable’


MC and poet Jonathan Brown has always been creatively ambitious and unafraid to take chances, but 2018 is finding the artist stepping well outside of his comfort zone to attempt taking on the responsibility of a full-time artist.  In order to achieve this goal, his initial step is an Indiegogo campaign to help fund what will hopefully be his breakout release, Aggressively Vulnerable.  His plan is to raise enough via crowdfunding to release the project on vinyl and CD with the inclusion of a 60-plus page insert of his poetry and spoken word selections.  If you’re one that likes to be in on the ground floor of making dreams come true, this may be the campaign for you to share with your social circles and/or donate to, as it could really make a difference for someone who has earned and deserves one.


Neural Stimulation :: Jonathan Brown Releases ‘Math Music For Kids That Can’t Rap’


Brain food with a side of ear candy.  That’s what Jonathan Brown has decided, on a whim, to serve up with Math Music for kids who can’t rap.  Literally for no other reason than ‘just because’, which can sometimes be the best reason to do something, Jonathan Brown has yet again keep us listeners guessing in regards to his creative limits.  Or maybe I’m just behind the curve, and most of y’all knew he had proper beatsmithing skills already.  Regardless of when I became woke, I am definitely well aware now, and glad to have something nice and weird to usher me into 2018.


Heavy Souls :: Jonathan Brown Expresses Loss With ‘For Tavis’

Jonathan Brown has become a good friend over the years.  I’ve always appreciated his ability to leave it all on the tape… on the stage… his brutal honesty and ability to be completely open are unparalleled.  As someone who has recently lost a great number of people close to me to that other side of living, I can completely understand what he is going through in For Tavis, a tribute to his recently deceased friend and comrade Tavis Brunson.  This is for all of those… all of us… who have lost someone close to them, and lost a piece of themselves.


Priming Ignition :: Moodie Black Readies The Release Of ‘LUCASACID’

Moodie Black certainly marches to the beat of their own drummer, nobody can deny that.  The outfit continues to push the boundaries of what music can be and how it can affect the listener, both emotionally and intellectually.  With the upcoming release of LUCASACID on the horizon, has been extremely cognizant of providing enough information for the listener to be receptive to whatever the project will deliver.  Between the website, a visit on the Inside The Rapper’s Studio podcast with Jonathan Brown, and the long running Moodhouse podcast (now in its 4th season), anyone wanting to get hip can do so easily.  Word on the street is that the album can drop at anytime, and my advice is to be there when it does.


Life Coaching :: Jonathan Brown’s ‘Risk It All’ EP Now Available

New Orleans-based wordsmith Jonathan Brown has always had a touch for the brutally honest.  His punk-rock influenced hip-hop touches all the proper emotional influential buttons, rather than the purely aesthetic ones.  On his latest project, The Risk It All EP, we find him as candid as ever about topics such as educational policy, government paranoia and life choices, among other things, all wonderfully encapsulated into slightly more than 10 minutes.  Dig it and dig it good.