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Support System :: The Vapor Caves Go Crowdfunding To Release Debut Vinyl ‘Feel Yourself’

And now, a word from The Vapor Caves

For those that would like to take part in the crowdfunding…




Seed Money :: Jonathan Brown Releases Indiegogo Campaign For ‘Aggressively Vulnerable’


MC and poet Jonathan Brown has always been creatively ambitious and unafraid to take chances, but 2018 is finding the artist stepping well outside of his comfort zone to attempt taking on the responsibility of a full-time artist.  In order to achieve this goal, his initial step is an Indiegogo campaign to help fund what will hopefully be his breakout release, Aggressively Vulnerable.  His plan is to raise enough via crowdfunding to release the project on vinyl and CD with the inclusion of a 60-plus page insert of his poetry and spoken word selections.  If you’re one that likes to be in on the ground floor of making dreams come true, this may be the campaign for you to share with your social circles and/or donate to, as it could really make a difference for someone who has earned and deserves one.


Inner Visions :: Ryan Darbonne And Company Embark Upon ‘I AM TX’

Local musician and actor Ryan Darbonne, in light of experiences growing up in Austin and experiences within the Austin culture as a young adult, felt inspired to capture that experience into something he could share.  After sharing his script with OVRLD creator Morgan Day, the two felt that the idea needed to become a reality.  After enlisting the help of cinematographer Mariana Gonzalez, the gears began to turn for I AM TX.  Ryan reached out to Audrey Campbell of Pleasure VenomJonathan Horstmann of BLXPTN and Greg Williams, better known as Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice, and boom, a cast was born.

I AM TX is now in the crowdfunding stage, and the Indiegogo Campaign is up and running.  If you would like to help turn this vision into a reality, there are many things you can do.  Share the campaign with your friends, whether they’re in Austin, in Texas, or anywhere else in the world.  If you feel inspired, go ahead and donate, as there are many levels with many excellent perks available.  This vision will happen, but every bit of support that is garnered will improve the vision.  We thank you in advance.




Compensate Inspiration :: Les Rav Raises Funds

This past weekend at Foodstock/MR Fest, I had the pleasure of being introduced to a small handful of new bands.  One of the performers that stood out was soloist Les Rav.  I recently found out she has an IndieGoGo campaign in order to raise funds for recording her first album.  Take a moment to watch, share the video, and donate if you can.