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Joyful Noise :: Nick Hanover Of OVRLD Creates ‘All Night Fever’ For Mixcloud

My good friend Nick Hanover, the driving force of the popular Austin music and culture blog OVRLD.com, has some of the best taste in music of anyone that I know.  For anyone with doubts, his newly created Mixcloud channel serves as proof of this fact.  So far, All Night Fever 9/20 has been my favorite episode, with its focus landing squarely on the wide range of punk-influenced music from the Austin area.  The playlist is diverse, with classic bands like Big BoysScratch AcidThe Dicks and Butthole Surfers sharing time with newer acts like Pleasure VenomBLXPLTNMeat BeltInstitute and much more.  If you like irreverent, loud music with a message that’ll get you charged up, look no further than this mix.


Frequent Fly :: Eraserfase’s ‘Bottomless Crates Podcast #2’ Takes Us Around The World

It should’ve been automatic to assume that eraserfase has dope taste in music, seeing as the dude has infinite talent in creating music.  His Bottomless Crates Podcast finds journey number two taking us through a plethora of funky and jazzy sounds from all over the globe.  This is the kind of music that shaves hours off of your day.  Great work from a great dude.