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Equivalent Exchange :: Chief And TheDoomsdayDevice Releases ‘The Reclamation Project’ For Fake Four Inc. #FREEcember

Over the past 5 or so years, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Ceschi Ramos and become a member of the Fake Four Inc. family.  With a roster full of underground heavyweights and close peers already on the docket, it is a HUGE honor to find myself as an official member now, courtesy of the first #FREEcember release of 2020, The Reclamation Project.  During the course of 2020, a span of time where many people where given the opportunity to reflect on their life uninterrupted, I decided to take the process a step further by revisiting two of my previous instrumental releases : Slow Burnout and This Town Has Turned To Dust.  I picked my favorite ‘beats’ from these albums, removed previously used elements, and approached them as traditional narrative-structure songs.  I am very happy with the final result, and honored to have it be a part of Fake Four‘s yearly tradition.  I even made some quick, low budget visuals to go with each song in preparation for Fake Four Fridays, which will air Friday, December 4th at twitch.tv/fakefourinc at 7 PM EST.  For those unable to view the stream, or those who are impatient and want to see them immediately, I have created a non-presentational form YouTube playlist.

Download the album for free, donate if you can, and PLEASE share it around, as it would mean the world to me.  Thank you in advance to those that do help, and have a great weekend to everyone!


Public Domain :: ‘Cool Ranch Lunatic’ Video From Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice

In an effort to keep the masses guessing, Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice has once again dipped into the realm of public domain for an audio-visual.  This go round, Slow Burnout‘s Cool Ranch Lunatic was given a visual attachment courtesy of an army recruitment short created by the legendary Chuck Jones.  Watch a young man come undone only to re-up.


Harmonic Resonance :: ‘Slow Burnout’ Audio-Visual Hits The Internet

I’ve been busy this month.  It’s time to start making my audio-visual output match the size of my catalog.  Here is another in a line of recent visual pieces created for my music.. this one for Slow Burnout, off the album of the same name.  Dig it and dig it good!


Domestic Doom :: Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice Releases ‘Blend’ Audio-Visuals

New audio-visuals from Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice.  This particular selection is Blend (Moonwalk Don’t Run) from the instrumental project Slow Burnout.  Stay tuned, there may be plans for a Slow Burnout long-form video, incorporating this particular piece within the larger framework.  Enjoy this for now, share it, like it, and subscribe to my YouTube channel!


Learning To Walk, Again :: Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice’s First Instrumental Album, ‘Slow Burnout’

I have tried many times to create an instrumental album… many concepts have reached different levels of conception, only to die on the vine.  Slow Burnout marks a first step in the right direction… no new ground is being broken here, but I am happy to have notched another first in the Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice belt.