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Terror Trilogy :: Dem Beach Boys Strike Again With ‘No Place Like Home’

Everyone’s favorite trope exploring, politically radical, rhythmically gifted rap crew is back for election season.  Dem Beach Boys figured the best way to wrap up Donald Trump‘s recent term would be to drop No Place Like Home, a damning examination of how the cultural temperature has shifted from warm to well past the boiling point over the last four years.  Be it racial divides, denying immigrants basic civil rights, or the gradual growth of a police state, Dem Beach Boys check all the hot button boxes with clever, biting lyrical darts.  This one isn’t for the satirically-challenged, so if you’ve got a thick skin and aren’t smooth-brained, check it out, leave a like and a comment, and kick up some dust by sharing it around.



Direct Action :: Blastfamous USA Takes To The Streets With ‘Out Here’ Video

Blasfamous USA, in their short existence, has not been a group to shy away from issues and topics that matter.  The video for their latest single, Out Here, drives that fact home by taking place in the midst of an anti-Trump rally held in Austin.  The crew looks right at home among the throngs of demonstrators upset with the current political direction, and the lyrics of the song seem to almost directly reflect what you are seeing.  Hopefully, the dissidence settles in due time, and Blastfamous USA continues to make bold statements in their banging music.