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Catching Up :: A Wave Of Content From Kydd Jones

Cats are making it hard to keep up this summer!  Above is the music video for TV On, a recent Kydd Jones drop that I posted about near the end of June.  Since this time, Kydd has not only dropped that video, but he has released five singles that I have yet to cover on the blog.  I believe that he’s dropping music on a weekly basis every Friday, so when this post goes live there will likely be a new song out, but if you click any of the five embed links below I’m sure you’ll find it : 



Triple Down :: Kydd Jones Releases Trio Of New Singles

Like many of the artists that I cover on this blog, Kydd Jones is seemingly always working on something new, so you usually don’t have to wait very long for something new to hit the streets.  I recently found myself in a bit of a delay on the blog, and in the time that the unplanned hiatus took place, Kydd dropped 3 different singles.  TV On is a mellow banger from TyOnDaTrack where his style emulates that feeling of catching random bits and pieces of information from a stimulus running in the background on a subliminal level.  Elon Musk, another strange but mellow banger courtesy of Butcher Bear (the homie), finds KyddTank Washington and Bryson Brown talking about personal evolution.  Native Tongue, the most recent of the batch, finds guest vocalist Y2 joining Kydd on a track by Haris Qureshi as they get vibey and abstract on what feels like an ode to an avatar meant to represent powerful feminine energy.  I’m hoping that this batch of singles means a project is on the way, because as always, the work is very strong and definitely worth checking out, so do so immediately!