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Cold Facts :: BLXPLTN Talks ‘FEMA’ Live At Swan Dive

Even in a country as rich in resources as North America, you run into disparity quite often.  With the recent slate of continued hurricanes that have hit the south and southeast, old patterns are emerging, and an errant foundation is gaining strength.  Almost a year ago, BLXPLTN took the time to point out an example of this by writing FEMA, an exposé on the level of help the poor are provided in the times that they need it the most.  This particular video is from a recent performance at Swan Dive in Austin, and was captured by Son and Son Productions.  This track can be purchased on BLXPLTN‘s Bandcamp page, and all proceeds go towards hurricane relief.



Good Combinations :: NGHT HCKLRS + FOCI + Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice Bombard Swan Dive

As September drew to an end, a show was scheduled at Swan Dive involving NGHT HCKLRS and BLXPLTN.  Recently, NGHT HCKLRS has been known to collab with various MCs across the spectrum of Austin hip hop.  On this particular night, the Fragments of a Conscious Eye (FOCI) crew were in the house, as was Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice (myself), and of course NGHT HCKLRS decided to set if off.  FOCI especially came with it on the evening, as their usually energy boost hit the crowd perfectly, and Ben Buck‘s split second decision to beatbox during his freestyle combined beautifully with what NGHT HCKLRS were throwing out there.  If you catch word all of these elements will be in the same building again anytime soon, don’t front.


Inner Visions :: Ryan Darbonne And Company Embark Upon ‘I AM TX’

Local musician and actor Ryan Darbonne, in light of experiences growing up in Austin and experiences within the Austin culture as a young adult, felt inspired to capture that experience into something he could share.  After sharing his script with OVRLD creator Morgan Day, the two felt that the idea needed to become a reality.  After enlisting the help of cinematographer Mariana Gonzalez, the gears began to turn for I AM TX.  Ryan reached out to Audrey Campbell of Pleasure VenomJonathan Horstmann of BLXPTN and Greg Williams, better known as Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice, and boom, a cast was born.

I AM TX is now in the crowdfunding stage, and the Indiegogo Campaign is up and running.  If you would like to help turn this vision into a reality, there are many things you can do.  Share the campaign with your friends, whether they’re in Austin, in Texas, or anywhere else in the world.  If you feel inspired, go ahead and donate, as there are many levels with many excellent perks available.  This vision will happen, but every bit of support that is garnered will improve the vision.  We thank you in advance.




Direct Action :: BLXPLTN Releases ‘Blood On The Sand’ Music Video

I love pretty much everything about BLXPLTN.  Their 2016 release New York Fascist Week was a sonic breath of fresh air and much needed dose of immediacy… a call to attention for the craziness that is unfolding daily all around us.  Blood on the Sand finds the duo broadcasting from their creative space about the ills of a military minded society, where blood is business and death equals dollars.  Tracks like these are a main part of the reason why their album was on many ‘Best of 2016’ lists, and having a solid video to back it up will only help spread the word.  Mad props.


Black Rock Matters :: AFROPUNK Mixtape #005 – Midnight School

Lots of good stuff on here from artists you know, and artists you aren’t familiar with yet.  Added bonus, the homies BLXPLTN round out this particular section.  Worth the time it’ll take to introduce your ears to this.


Making Big Moves :: BLXPLTN Releases ‘Pressure’

BLXPLTN are on the precipice of major upward movement.  They are en route to Afropunk Festival in NYC, and their new album Black Cop Down is getting lots of attention before it’s even hit the streets.  They recently turned out Hotel Vegas in Austin, and then turned that into a dope music video for their song Pressure… dig it, share it, and support these cats.  They will do Austin proud.