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Deeply Connected :: The Vapor Caves Take A Look Back At ‘I Miss You’


The Vapor Caves (as BoomBaptist and Yadira Brown of Keeper are collectively known) have been on the rise the last few years, and 2019 promises to hold great things in store for them.  In preparation for the new year, BoomBaptist decided to take a trip down memory lane and reminisce on the winter of 2015, when he sent Yadira Brown a collection of hip-hop beats as a Christmas present.  Out of the 15 sent, Yadira chose three, and the first official collaboration between the artists that would later form The Vapor Caves was I Miss You, a very 1990s-esque hip-hop track where Yadira sings and rhymes about attraction and the process of letting your guard down to accept those feelings.  As a present to all of us, the group decided to release the track for free, so definitely download it and share it around, as the next moves that The Vapor Caves have in store are big ones.



Connected Spirits :: The Vapors Caves Emerge, Release ‘Who Are You?’


BoomBaptist and Yadira Brown are not strangers when it comes to combining forces.  After a few one-off collaborations, and the work both have done with Keeper, I am sure I am not the only one happy to hear about The Vapor Caves coming into existence.  The duo will most certainly be a formidable one on the scene, with Boom‘s skillful tracks providing the perfect foundation for Brown‘s soothing vocals and thought-provoking lyrics.  If the first single, Who Are You?, is any indication of the group’s potential, then we’ve got plenty to look forward to in the years to come.


Elemental Sounds :: Keeper Releases ‘Corners’


Keeper has been a blessing to the Austin music scene.  Four beautiful voices, solid concepts and songwriting, and constantly wonderful production (handled this go-round by the unmatched genius of Bird Peterson).  On Corners, each song represents an element, and with that simple concept, Keeper takes us on a wonderful journey.  Very happy to see this hit, and very excited about what the future holds in terms of full-lengths, music videos and so on.


Elemental Sounds :: Keeper Prepares To Release ‘Corners’ EP


Austin-based trio Keeper, who have already made a huge impact on the scene in a short time, are preparing to unleash what sounds like an amazing concept project with their upcoming EP Corners.  Produced entirely by Bird Peterson, this project is a four song exploration of the four cornerstone elements of the Earth.  Dock, the first single, is already making waves, and with upcoming audio-visual perfomances with the legendary Daedelus coming up, one can only image how much more the Keeper legend will continue to grow.


Sentimental Journey :: Keeper’s ‘Next To Me’

An intoxicating new song and video from Keeper has just hit the internet airwaves.  Thie Austin collective of octave greatness has something proud to stand behind with Next To Me, their first venture into the world of video.  If this is the warning shot, I can’t wait to see what’s in store.