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Pull Up :: Poolboi Blu Drops Another Banger With ‘Lounge’


Summer is coming to a close, and if there were a shortlist for summer MVP, it’d be safe to say that poolboi blu would be somewhere near the top of it.  Be it solo singles, sincere mix volumes, or collaboration with Red Comet, the amount of work that the homie has put in these last few months cannot be denied.  The Red Comet collaboration series continues with lounge, a track written and produced by poolboi blu with engineering and cover art assists from Red Comet.  The track plays like a personal affirmation, with poolboi walking it like he’s talking it.  My man has always been fire with the tracks, but what really stands out on this one is the confidence that you can hear growing in his lyrics and his delivery.  It looks like poolboi blu the MC may slowly be stepping out of the shadows and into the spotlight… time will tell.  I’ll definitely be around to watch that spotlight action go down when it happens, and the smart ones out there will be right there with me.  Dig the track, share it around, and support your local creatives.


Making Waves :: Red Comet Enlists Poolboi Blu For ‘Wavy’


Watching poolboi blu ascend the ladder of success has been fun.  The last few times I’ve been through his spot, he’s played me tracks and spoke of plans for upcoming songs and projects.  Even when he’s laying out the gameplan, however, he keeps a few things to himself so that the element of surprise is not eliminated.  That’s why when I noticed he produced a single for Red Comet, the incredibly infectious Wavy, it caught my attention.  Red Comet was spitting, and the beat was hitting, then poolboi stepped to the mic with some solid bars of his own.  Needless to say, I was impressed all the way around.  Check this one out, because I think it just found its way into the Doomsday mix cycle.