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Cold World :: SymmaTree Drops His ‘Frozen Leaves’ EP


The homie SymmaTree from Grid Squid has been on a mission to make 2017 one for the books.  He and his crew have already begun the first of many road excursions in the name of spreading the word about Grid Squid, and now the Frozen Leaves EP is hitting our sound systems.  This 5 song offering is full of solid, jazzy production, and the lyrics are on point, which we’ve come to expect from SymmaTree.  Definitely cop this one, and throw him a few bones so that he doesn’t starve out there on the road.



Transitional Steps :: Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice Drops Trailer For New Short Film ‘Repossession’

Coming soon… a new short film from Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice.  Starring Troy Baham Jr. (SymmaTree of Grid Squid and Stereofiend) and Sara NadeauRepossession is the examination of a soul reaper in a technological world, forced to play the role of repo man to complete his work.  Please like the trailer, subscribe to the YouTube channel, and keep an eye out for the full release this week.


Legacy Shaping :: Grid Squid Visualizes ‘Facts Versus Fiction’

Everybody who performs music has dreams of reaching as many eyes and ears as possible.  The rare breed from that vast spectrum are those who make steps towards actually spreading their word.  Grid Squid Entertainment has been doing just that the past couple of years via several stints on the road.  Their latest video, Facts Versus Fiction, is a prime example of them spending time touring, exploring their sound, and exploring their dynamic as a unit (and individuals within the unit).  Throw in a nice closing verse by AK1, and you’ve got yourselves something enjoyable for sure.  Share the video around and show these cats some love.


Breathe Life :: JMAC The Dragon Presents ‘The Human Element’


Even though music has the power to move, as George Clinton once famously put it, it has the power to remove as well.  In the case of JMAC the Dragon‘s extremely personal release The Human Element, it is evident that this is the case… this album seems as if it was created to remove stress, remove stigma surrounding the perceptions of his art, and remove any real or imagined barriers that may be in his way.  With production by CA the Commoner of Grid Squid Entertainment, it’s a sure thing that the production will match the lyrical bar set by JMAC.  We’ve all been through hard times, and this album captures the process of exploring that darkness beautifully.


Speechless Beats :: ‘The Misadventures Of Mattress Mac’ By Evan Moran


Evan Moran is definitely a cool and interesting cat.  I met him through some of my mutual KTSW and Grid Squid friends, and we instantly realized that we were coming from very similar sources of inspiration in regards to both hip hop influence and musical influences in general.  Not long after that initial meeting, Evan started populating his Bandcamp page with albums.  They’re all definitely worth checking out, but one of my personal faves was The Misadventures of Mattress Mac.  A collection of older poetry instrumentals interspersed with new material, this beats only project will take you on a mini-musical journey of sorts.  Definitely digging the way Evan gets down on the production.. pretty sure you will too.


Better Late Than Never :: The Commonwealth’s ‘Tribute To Illmind’

from the digital desk of Grid Squid Ent. :

‘When CA the Commoner first joined Grid Squid, SymmaTree had the master plan to release a badass mixtape with the two of them rapping over production by renown producer Illmind.

That plan failed….

Since then both artists have gone on to release other solo projects, but Grid Squid is happy to release the completed songs from that project for your listening pleasure.

CA the Commoner & SymmaTree are The Commonwealth.’


Things To Come :: Kazee Queen Unleashes ‘Collision City’

From the digital desk of Kazee Queen:

‘There are a lot of things happening in the world around us.  In the last few years, there has been an increased effort in the Hip Hop community to eloquently address the various issues facing the black community.  As a female artist, I have found that there are many people who believe I should only talk about certain things.  In this project, I have tried to step outside my comfort zone and be as honest as I can about how I feel when it comes to race and sex issues.  I believe that my generation of creative artists are focused on insta-products and immediate gratification.  This 8 track EP took a little over a year for me to complete and that’s because I wanted to give every track the dedication it deserved and make sure that I meant what I said.’

It shows.  This is a solid step forward in Kazee Queen‘s growth as an artist searching for a niche and longevity in a world overrun with noise.