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Holy Moments :: Taylor & Beth Release ‘Church Of The Neon God’ Single


My friend Beth Conboy has been talented for ages, but over the past year or two, her journey to the Berkley College of Music has resulted in creative growth and focus that has truly enhanced her natural talent.  While on a recent visit back to TexasBeth jumped in the studio with her frequent collaborator Taylor Robbins, and the duo (collectively known as Taylor & Beth) hammered out some new music.  The first single, Church of the Neon God, is a vibrant tune about exploration, trust, faith and discovery, told in the form of a story experienced by two youngsters that stumble upon a dilapidated building in the middle of the forest.  The track is simple but powerful, similar to the folk music of the 1960s, but with the sense of humor and observation found in modern day writing.  Check out the track, donate a buck or two if you can, and share it around for everyone to enjoy!


Daily Operation :: Chuck Duze And Company Drop ‘Every Damn Day’ Video

Chuck Duze has been putting out music videos in a nearly clockwork fashion these days, dropping an average of a music video a month for the past 6 months or so.  Most all of them have been entertaining, but something about his latest, Every Damn Day, captures some infectious magic that comes with a combination of vision, talent and luck.  The track, a Kato on the Track beat featuring guest verses from You F. OhElephant In The Room and DMT~Realist, is a posse cut with plenty of bounce showcasing punchlines, wordplay and a catchy hook that will get stuck in your head nearly immediately.  The video enhances all of the best points of the song, using digital zooms and stylistic loops the subliminally drive home the ‘day to day’ aspect of the song, while showcasing several ridiculous scenarios for the MCs to indulge in.  This one, despite being released so early in the year, is bound to stick around, so check it out now, leave a like and a comment if you dig it, and spread it around for others to do the same.


Straight Spittin’ :: S.U.A.V.E. Squad Drops ‘Metahuman’



After a recent opening spot for Blackalicious, I had the pleasure of meeting RobbieSEE and TCtheMC, better known collectively as S.U.A.V.E. Squad.  It’d been a while since I’d met heads with the passion, respect and skill these two had, and after a few cyphers between my set and the Blackalicious set, TCtheMC and myself decided to stay in touch.  A day or so ago, after a handful of conversations about hip-hop (local and otherwise), Metahuman hit my inbox, and it crystalized everything the duo had been communicating to me perfectly.  Much like myself, the duo embraces their southern heritage, but the versatility found in the project screams die-hard hip-hop fans.  Every beat on this project is fire, and like the blog entry title says, I’m hard pressed to think of a pair of MCs I wasn’t already aware of spitting at this level.  The rhymes, wordplay and topics and intricate, expertly delivered and clearly from the heart, and they resonated immediately with me.  I highly recommend checking this one out, and sharing it around for others to do the same.


Personal Reflection :: Poolboi Blu’s ‘Mason’ Hits The Online Airwaves


The homie poolboi blu is back at it again, although in all honesty, he never really stops the creative vibes from flowing.  After dropping ANTSY and DIXIE, both of which gave us a bit of insight into poolboi‘s headspace and motivations, the trilogy of personal reflection finds completion with MASON, an incredibly strong balance of vibrant beats and sharp lyrics that not only display his influences, but are some of the best representations of how far he’s come along in the past year or so.  With poolboi already posting that he’s in the studio working on a follow-up, I’ll add MASON to the rotation as I wait for the next drop, which knowing poolboi, will probably be sooner than later.  Check out the project, cop it if you’ve got a few bucks, and spread it around for others to get hip to.


Shadow People :: Hatewaker Drops ‘Atmosphere’ Audio-Visual

Hatewaker hit the ground running in the wake of their creation.  From the inception of the band forward, the collective was quick to book shows, release a CD, and as of January of 2020, the group put out a dope music video.  Atmosphere is a display of efficient economy, with a simple disappearing/reappearing premise fueling the video.  The group certainly has their sound together, and the video is proof of that.  I can’t wait to see what they have in store for the future, video-wise or otherwise, as I know they’ll come with it regardless of the choice.


Name Building :: Ben Buck Drops ‘KILROY’


One of the blessings of having been on the Austin hip-hop scene for so many years has been watching new artists pop up generation after generation and hold down the city.  Over the past few years, one of the artists that has been impossible to ignore is the homie Ben Buck, a young, hungry MC with a penchant for intricate and elaborate beatboxing.  After a flurry of singles over the past 6 months or so, Buck closed out 2019 with the release of KILROY, a proper collection of work that represents Buck‘s skill level and vision.  The project is a collection of singles, live band demos, and even a live show snippet, with a vast collection of collaborators.  On the production side, Ruler WhyFlobamaWiardonUGGOJarvBRKCHK and even Ben Buck himself drop beats, and on the lyrical side, prolific MCs like Myka 9AFROJamar EqualityChi ClopzFlobama and Jarv all drop high quality guest bars.  Don’t front on a legend in the making… check out the project on your favorite streaming service or storefront, and support your local creatives!


Free Association :: Poolboi Blu And Company Drop ‘Blkburban Freestyle’


Anyone who’s been paying attention to the world of poolboi blu lately knows that he’s got a strong working relationship going with SiCk ThOtS, and for the blkburban freestyle, the collective included J.K. The Reaper to increase the vibes.  A s i n c e r e R A D I O exclusive, the track has an amazing amount of vibeyness for such a laid back affair, especially with the nonchalance that some of the tongue-twisting lyrical work is delivered.  You already know it’s going to be quality work if it’s got the poolboi blu seal of approval, so don’t sleep.  Check out the track, leave a like and a comment, share it around, and follow s i n c e r e R A D I O for more exclusive tracks and mixes.