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More Hardcore :: EVOLVE And DJ PROOF Connect For ‘SLANG BANG’

Fans of boom-bap, raw and honest hip-hop are hopefully hip to EVOLVE by now, as the Texas resident stays embracing the street aesthetic that made hip-hop what it was during the 1990s, arguably the heyday of hip-hop’s creativity and cultural growth.  With the assistance of DJ PROOF on production, the track SLANG BANG plays like a brutally honest admission of fully embracing every bit of the grittiness that makes the dark side of hip-hop so enjoyable.  The drum heavy, dark and minimalist track serves as the perfect backdrop for EVOLVE‘s stream of consciousness flow, which is always on point and full of rhymes and references within rhymes and references.  Check this one out asap, cop it if you can, and spread it around so everyone can get down.


Culturally Aware :: SniperShot Expands Range With ‘Never Stop’ Single From ‘Walking Contradiction’

When it comes to Texas hip-hop, SniperShot holds a unique place as an artist with deeply Southern influences and tendencies that serve as the top layer for depths and depths of cultural appreciation and experience.  Those who have followed SniperShot on social media the last few years have seen him journey and explore many different locations on the globe, and that openness to take in what the world is willing to show him is completely showing in his latest release.  Never Stop is a great introductory single, with its Tex-Mex mix serving as a perfect table-setter for Walking Contradiction, a collection of songs with influences from all over the map (globally and culturally).  

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Melodic Moods :: Typical Girls Releases ‘Memories Of Old Love’

Some of my favorite rock music comes from bands based out of central Texas.  It seems that something about this area pulls in artists with musical abilities, musical virtuosos with talent in multiple dramas, walking encyclopedias of music knowledge and those with a deep DIY ethos that find ways to connect and form bands.  Typical Girls has always been one of my favorites from the area, as their sound somehow manages to sound like the Austin bands I grew up with while at the same time sounding like bands from New YorkPortlandLondon and many more places that shaped my love for alternative rock and roll.  Memories of Old Love, even at just under 20 minutes, is able to take listeners on quite the emotional and sonic journey, giving us tinges of nostalgia while managing to still sound fresh and ahead of the curve.  Definitely check this one out, support if you’ve got the money to do so, and if not, stream it on your favorite streaming service and encourage others to do the same!


Short Scares :: ‘The Witching Hour’ Releases Just In Time For Halloween Weekend

We promised you The Witching Hour the other day when the trailer dropped, and as promised, Marina Flores and Joseph Santa Cruz have delivered!  The film, starring Paulina Vela, is a fun dose of 1970s and early 1980s inspired horror that’ll certainly help you get in the mood for the upcoming Halloween weekend.  Check it out, leave a comment and a like if you dig it, and share it around so everyone can get into the spooky mood!


Snuffing Gaslighters :: Kady Rain Cuts Deep With ‘Crooked’

A seemingly inevitable part of human interaction is toxicity… it is not present in all individuals you meet, but the capacity is there, and more than enough people in the world do not hesitate to show the worst of themselves, especially if it benefits them, and regardless of who may be impacted.  It’s clear that Kady Rain is aware of this fact also, as her latest single, the part-pop, part-industrial and highly danceable Crooked focuses squarely on these types of individuals.  Big props to Kady Rain and collaborator/bandmate Morgan Davis for penning such a powerful follow-up to the high energy lead single Got Away… go find this one on your favorite streaming service or digital storefront, or even better, show some direct support by visiting the Bandcamp links above, but whatever you do, don’t sleep on this one.


Scary Scenes :: Trailer For ‘The Witching Hour’ Short Hits YouTube

The homie Joseph Santa Cruz, a writer/director in the film realm and one half of the Back to the Feature podcast, recently dropped a trailer for a Marina Flores produced short being released this Friday.  The short, titled The Witching Hour, stars Paulina Vela, and while the trailer doesn’t give away too much, it does set a sense of tension and terror that definitely has me interested in what’s to come.  I’ll definitely be checking out the short this Friday, and I’ll do my best to share it with everyone the same day, but meanwhile, dig this trailer, like it and share it around!


Always Rising :: Wallaby N Bobbes Pop Back Up With ‘Port Hack’

Wallaby N Bobbes jumped out on the Austin scene and immediately established themselves as one of the dopest duos around, with Muggsy Flowz getting the chance to showcase his stellar rhyming ability on top of the amazingly consistent production of Dr. Bobby Banner, MPC.  A few years removed from their self-titled debut, the new single Port Hack finds the duo rocking new fits, bringing a much more direct approach and overall capturing the personal evolution that these last couple of character-building years has provided each of them with.  With Muggsy‘s declaration of the duo aiming to go “30 for 30”, it’s clear that they have no intention of slowing down anytime soon, so be on the lookout for a new project for them (hopefully sooner than later), and many more bangers in the future.  As for the video, leave a like and a comment, subscribe to the Dr. Bobby Banner, MPC YouTube channel, and share it around so everyone can get down!


Selling Yourself :: Christian Hyun Unveils Jupiter Mountain Project With ‘Proof Of Concept’ Video

I’m gonna let Christian Hyun explain things : 

“Some friends were kind enough to help me record this two-song, proof of concept video. This was recorded live on 10/13/21.  I wanted to get a recording that would show some of the new things I’ve added into my live show, like song interludes, trippy lights, cryptic ramblings, and of course, homemade stage sweatsuits.  I can’t wait to hit the road and start doing this in person!”

If you’re throwing any house shows in the Central Texas area, or you’re into creatives unashamedly afraid of being themselves, then get hip to Jupiter Mountain asap.


Maximum Swagger :: Poolboi Blu Keeps The Momentum Going With Sincere (Volume 018)

poolboi blu can’t be stopped… he’s dropping singles, he’s doing live mixes, he’s doing nearly daily Twitch streams, he’s producing tracks for others, and more than likely, he’s working on yet another solo project.  With all of this going on, one wouldn’t blame him if other ventures fell to the wayside, and yet, here he is dropping sincere (volume 018), the latest entry in the longstanding s i n c e r e R A D I O series.  Dig this power-packed playlist of nearly 80 minutes of bangers : 

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Being Me :: Rajinee Shakes Souls And Enlightens Minds With ‘Catcall & Response’ (featuring Ol’ Black Stooge)

I hadn’t heard of rajinee prior to the homie Ryan Darbonne‘s (or, in this case, Ol’ Black Stooge) post, but if the homie is a part then I’m in with no questions asked.  As someone who’s been on a major Deb Never kick, rajinee was definitely speaking to my soul, though rajinee has the benefit of bigger, livelier and more bombastic production supporting her.  On Catcall & Responserajinee not only brings wisdom to what is almost certainly a reoccurring traumatic experience, but manages to artistically express the interaction via some very striking choreography.  The King of the Hill shoutout is super entertaining as well, and allows my aforementioned homie an entrance into the world of the June Third Films production.  This is the kind of video that will likely win some Austin Music Video Awards trophies, should they choose to submit the video, but regardless of whatever possible awards and recognition this video may get, it deserves your attention, so don’t hesitate to give it a watch, a like and a comment before spreading it far and wide!