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Field Recordings :: Wolfe & Bear Prepare The World With ‘Twentytwo’ Single Release


I love it when a plan comes together.  After watching the homie Virgil Wolfe build a bond with cunabear and the BearTooth Collective for the past year or two, it comes as no surprise that the two have teamed up with producer vast ness to create Wolfe & Bear.  Their first single, twentytwo, is the perfect sonic encapsulation of the trio : the track by vast ness sets the storybook-esque tone beautifully, cunabear makes his presence felt firmly and soundly in the opening verse, and Virgil Wolfe pops up on the track while darting around the rhythm with his signature cleverly textured lines.  I’m definitely on board for the Wolfe & Bear EP (coming this August), and you should be too.  Pass this single around to help build the buzz.



Waking Life :: SHOUTOUTSAK! Drops Video For ‘LONGNIGHT’

With so much new music coming out on nearly a daily basis, it gets really easy to find a particular collective of artists that you focus on and stick with them solely in terms of exposure.  In an effort to expand my research and find artists I am unfamiliar with, I hit a first swing homerun after discovering SHOUTOUTSAK!‘s latest music video release, LONGNIGHT.  The Austin-based rapper uses a dense, lush synth and drum based track as a bed (no pun intended) for his song-like style that properly lays out the typical day that most artistic types experience : vivid days experiencing, long nights reflecting, and lost days recovering.  The video offers up several slices of life takes featuring SHOUTOUTSAK!, but filters them through a skewed perspective of trippiness and camera movement that pulls you in as the seconds tick.  Definitely worth your likes, comments and shares, so hit it up!


Bluegrass Jazz :: Rock Bottom String Band Visits Bard Sessions To Sing ‘Tend’

Rock Bottom String Band is a group known for their closeness, both as a band and with their audiences, so it’s only fitting that Bard Sessions, a collective all about intimacy, invited the band to perform Tend in their studio recently.  The space is visually interesting, the production looks and sounds great, and Rock Bottom String Band knocked it out the park (as they’re known to do).  Tend is a warning shot that new music is on the way from the group, and if you dug the performance, be sure to subscribe to the Bard Sessions YouTube channel for weekly uploads.


Double Singles :: R.E.L. And Bryan Hamilton Release Lead Singles For ‘SUMMER HEAT’




These days, the members of Chisme may not be in the same location, but that’s not stopping they’re individual creative drives.  R.E.L., for example, is still keeping his verbal blades sharp, and some production assistance from Bryan Hamilton has led to the impending release of SUMMER HEAT.  In order to prepare us for the new project, the duo has released a pair of lead singles… the mellow banger PURGATORY, and the slightly off-kilter funk of It’s Fresh Outside (featuring guest bars from Apaso).  If these two songs are any indication of the quality of SUMMER HEAT, I think we’re all in for something special… check out these singles where you download or stream music, and keep an ear open for the full project!


Radio Daze :: Butcher Bear Laces A DJ Set For ‘My KUTX’


The homie Butcher Bear is an Austin legend, with a long list of achievements and creations that have left a considerable impression on the music scene.  From time spent performing with Tim Kerr, to booking for The North Door, to running the label i(N)sect Records, to helping organize the wildly popular Exploded DrawingButcher Bear has irons in many fires.  Recently, KUTX hit him up to take part in their My KUTX series, and Butcher Bear provided a strong DJ set featuring local legends like Lord High FixersKinderBig Boys, Reaganometry, and even some of his own music, along with musician’s musicians like Polvo and Har Mar Superstar.  Check out this mix, and keep your eyes open for more dopeness from Butcher Bear!


Turning Point :: Playtime Comedy Switches Modes With ‘The Effigy’

Playtime Comedy has a tangible track record of creating humorous content, and when one has established a niche, it is often easy to lean heavily on that niche.  What makes things truly interesting, however, is when the script gets flipped, and the same level of creativity and quality is applied to something outside of what is expected.  This is exactly what has occurred in The Effigy, a straightforward horror short that will certainly leave an impression on viewers.  The piece creates tension in its visual intimacy and measured use of dialogue, all while introducing the unusual into the aggressively familiar.  I was hanging on, expecting for a comedic turn, but much to my pleasure, it did not arrive.  Props to Playtime Comedy for this achievement… definitely check out their YouTube channel for both the funny and the frightening.


Mad Descent :: The Psychedelic Sounds Of ~Dark ~Lit


What happens when you’ve been affiliated with rock bands of different capacities, have a mystic vision, and decide to take an alternate parallel path into the world of lo-fi hip-hop?  In at least one case, you’d get ~Dark ~Lit and his avant-garde creations.  He recently hit me up and explained the story behind the creation of this album, but even the ultra-mysterious premise did not prepare me for the psychedelic sonic variety I was about to get… the tracks are lo-fi, but would easily qualify in the most creative of the noise realm that has always bubbled in the musical underground, ie Suicide or Black Dice.  If you’re into something new, cutting edge and creatively challenging, you should definitely carve out some time for ~Dark ~Lit.