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Street Spirit :: Dowrong Gets Real With ‘Trap On Wheels’


Austin-based rapper Dowrong has been on the scene for a number of years making noise, and like many in 2019, it seems like he’s intent on raising his creative bar in all aspects.  Trap on Wheels, his latest release, has more heart in four songs than many artists can achieve in a traditional length LP, both in terms of the way Dowrong spits and what is being said.  His energy is high throughout, but his style shifts from song to song, fitting each bit of production perfectly and infectiously.  Be it the hypnotic nature of Trap Phone, the organic sounds integrated into I Stay Down, the wall of sound that is G.O.O.N., or the assault on the senses found on In The Streets, there’s something for everyone on Trap on Wheels, so find and stream it on your favorite streaming service sooner than later, and share it around for others to do the same.



Quiet Storm :: ConductHer Explores New Sounds With ‘So Soft’


One thing that we will always champion at this blog is growth.  When ConductHer first popped up on the scene as a member of ChurchCough, her fearless nature was obvious, and the potential of high skill was already present.  Over the past year or two, ConductHer has honed in on her writing, performance and production skills, and as she explores her solo career, listeners have been continually blessed with large leaps in terms of sonic improvement.  Her latest single, So Soft, is a powerful ballad in honor of attempts and unconditional love, fueled by and understanding and love of self.  ConductHer not only went all out on the production with this one, but her singing voice shines brightly in contrast to her signature flow.  I know she just hit us with Gemini Season, but if So Soft is an indication on what’s in store, then I’m here and all for it.


Introductory Rate :: Poolboi Blu Teases ‘DIXIE’ Release With First Single, ‘Nites & Weekends’


Just when I think I have poolboi blu figured out, he goes and throws me a curveball.  After a successful run with ANTSY that showcased his creative and brand growth, his confidence grew visibly with each live show and mix release.  In my mind, with DIXIE in the queue and ready to go, I’d figure poolboi would’ve dropped a track flexing on everyone, but instead, we get the highly polished Nites & Weekends, a dancier track featuring guest vocalist SiCK THoTS.  I’m surprised in all the best ways, pleasantly so, and my excitement for what poolboi blu has in store for DIXIE has just multiplied.  Check out Nites & Weekends, leave a like and a comment, and spread it around for others to check out as well!


Vice Redefined :: MC Homeless And Friends Drop ‘Sex & Death: The Remixes’


When MC Homeless dropped the single for his Guerilla Ghost remix of The Depression Swag (with a guest verse by Bad Graphics Ghost) a ways back, it piqued my interest, as his original incarnation of the Sex & Death project was already unique, quality work.  The remix, however, is an aesthetic that has taken a backseat in the world of hip-hop culture, so it’s nice to see MC Homeless embrace the practice of a remix album wholeheartedly.  Guerilla Ghost does the lion’s share of remix work, with C Money Burns and Riddlore each contributing a song to the project as well.  AWOL ONE and Rozanne Combs also join Bad Graphics Ghost on the list of guests.  The songs have an entirely different, ethereal feel to them this go round, providing fresh perspective on an already quality project.  Check it out for yourself on your favorite streaming service, or just cop it direct from the Bandcamp link above!


Cypher Season :: Cha’keeta B Curates #TheeATXCypher Sessions

Over the past couple of years, I’ve watched Cha’keeta B evolve from a raw talent into a figurehead for the Austin hip-hop movement.  Not only has she focused on her music and image, she’s done the same for a handful of others on the scene, allowing them chances to step out of their sphere and gain more exposure (and hopefully inspiring them to continue this cycle).  Her latest example of these efforts are a pair of YouTube videos she recently dropped dubbed Thee ATX Cypher (Pt. 1 and Pt. 2).

Pt. 1 features DJ E in the cut, with verses by Dot drop da beat2-4 OsoTone Brigante and CP Loony, while Pt. 2 finds DJ Tigre playing host to Cha’keeta BQueen DeelahCeCe Hustle and Marshe’.  Rob G Films uses a minimalist approach that is highly effective, allowing each group to set the tone with their cyphers and the wide range of topics that are hit.  Definitely check these out, like and comment on both, and share them around for others to enjoy.


Waking Life :: Attic Ted Drops ‘Kafka Dreaming’ Album On The Masses


Austin and San Marcos may be known for their artistic nature and their weirdness, but if you had to create a tier list, the top tier would almost be guaranteed to include Attic Ted.  After quite the set of extensive touring runs overseas, Attic Ted and his band managed to find the time to hit the studio for the eight powerful tracks that are the instant classic that is Kafka Dreaming.  All of the earmarks of the Attic Ted sound are present, but the songwriting continues to grow in depth, the quality of the recordings has improved (not that it was bad to begin with), which makes the overall experience that much more pleasurable.  Definitely cop this one, take a deep dive in, and pass it around for others to do the same.   Bonus info, check out Attic Ted live if you see he’s in your area, because it’s quite the experience.


Tenacious Types :: 5-D Drops ‘D-Up’ Single


Austin supergroup SubKulture Patriots may not be active these days, but don’t sleep on the individual members of the crew, as many of them continue to put in work.  One of the most active members has been RuDi Devino, who along with fellow MC HBZ and producer Solar Shield has formed a formidable crew of their own, 5-D (DoubleDeuceDuoDuplicateDeluxe).  Their latest single, D-Up, is a summer jam in every sense of the definition… monster beat (courtesy of the homie Mikulak), infectious energy, high-level and clever bars, and a chorus that you can sing along to that gets you as amped as the chorus originators.  In all honesty, I’m hoping the cats drop a video for this one, because there are plenty of Austin beatmakers and MCs I could see making court cameos.  This one is a banger for sure, so put it in your rotation, share it around, and encourage others to do the same.