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Doing Work :: Flotation Releases ‘Service’

From the digital desk of Flotation

Flotation is back with his fifth album, Service.  This project is a collection of songs written and recorded from 2017 to 2020, featuring artists and producers from Texas, New York, and Europe.  We hope you enjoy.”

Check it out, cop it if you can to support, and spread it around for everyone to enjoy.


Deep Rooted :: Big Tree 4Real Drops ‘Y’all Got Me F-cked Up’ Video

Those familiar with the Austin hip-hop scene know to check for any release affiliated with the College of Hip-Hop Knowledge, so when Big Tree 4Real announced his upcoming single and video release for Y’all Got Me Fucked Up, it was more a matter of preparation than wondering.  Big Tree‘s super smooth southern drawl and delivery are perfectly paired with Sheff Shmurda‘s mellow banger of a track, and Big Tree‘s self-confident bars on not letting others dictate the quality of your product rings incredibly true.  Dig the video, and if you like it, leave a like and a comment, and spread it around for others to do the same.


More Hits :: Ben Buck Is Back At It Again With ‘Speaker Bump Deluxe’

Austin hip-hop mainstay Ben Buck is a beast with the pen, the production and the beatboxing, and his latest release Speaker Bump Deluxe continues the verification of those facts.  Buck would’ve fit right in during hip-hop’s true school era, as his brand of boom-bap and lyrical artillery is reminiscent of the early 1990s, when diversity and uniqueness ruled hip-hop.  A handful of these songs would fit in perfect on a skate video or an opening DJ set to a classic-style hip-hop show.  Catch Speaker Bump Deluxe wherever you purchase or stream your music, and always support your local creatives.


Beholder’s Eye :: Jsun The Prophesor And Govinachi Resonate On ‘True Beauty’

It’s hard not to find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the litany of issues we face these days… be they medical, political, sociological or personal, the weight of the world is a hard shoulder to burden.  That very reason is why people should take the time to reflect on the beauty that exists in the world, as well as the beauty we are capable of creating.  Luckily for us, Jsun the Prophesor and collaborator Govinachi are lending the masses a hand and leading by example with the release of the single True Beauty.  The track is a reflection on those aforementioned aspects of life, all over a beat that revels in harmonics and dynamics rather than the traditional boombap fare.  For anyone in need of a sonic pick-me-up, look no further than True Beauty, and if you’re feeling it, leave a like and a comment before you share it with your friend circle.


Joyful Noise :: Nick Hanover Of OVRLD Creates ‘All Night Fever’ For Mixcloud

My good friend Nick Hanover, the driving force of the popular Austin music and culture blog OVRLD.com, has some of the best taste in music of anyone that I know.  For anyone with doubts, his newly created Mixcloud channel serves as proof of this fact.  So far, All Night Fever 9/20 has been my favorite episode, with its focus landing squarely on the wide range of punk-influenced music from the Austin area.  The playlist is diverse, with classic bands like Big BoysScratch AcidThe Dicks and Butthole Surfers sharing time with newer acts like Pleasure VenomBLXPLTNMeat BeltInstitute and much more.  If you like irreverent, loud music with a message that’ll get you charged up, look no further than this mix.


Real Talk :: SniperShot Drops ‘True Story’ Album

Over the past couple of years, I’ve watched SniperShot take part in a number of jouneys… be it time spent out at sea, habitation in remote locations, or visits to exotic locales, one thing that is abundantly clear is that seeing the world has opened his already perceptive eyes even wider.  This past week, SniperShot blessed all of us with his latest album, True Story, and even if you weren’t aware of his adventures, the experiences and growth shine through in this latest batch of songs.  His trademark delivery is boosted by even more confidence, his with is backed with knowledge-filled gems, and his beat selection is diverse, as demonstrated by the numerous producer collaborations listed in the liner notes.  Anyone who’s been around this blog for a while knows that SniperShot gets automatic props from me, so it should be second nature for you to go support by copping an album or sharing the link around, because this is one that will carry you through the weekend and beyond.


Defining Moments :: ‘I Am What You Am I Am’ By Bird Peterson Hits The Airwaves

As a longtime supporter, peer and fan of Bird Peterson, I would’ve been happy if he kept to the release schedule for projects it seemed he was establishing… after a flurry of mixes and remix projects, Plume dropped in 2015.  Four years later, the stellar Infinity Molasses was released.  Based on this pattern, I was set on Bird Peterson until the mid-2020s.  Yet, here we are, nine months after Infinity Molasses, and Bird Peterson has yet again raised the bar with I Am What You Am I Am.  Between the solid production (a Bird Peterson signature), the Bleubird guest feature and the litany of vocal samples, Bird is entering the realm inhabited by producers like DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist.  To put it plain and simple, don’t sleep on this album, as it has made a clear-cut case for album of the year right out of the gate.  Check it out, support if you can, and share it around regardless.


Role Call :: A Multitude Of Austin Artists Combine Forces For ‘Walk With Me Austin’

From the digital desk of GoldenHornetATX :

‘While cities across the nation mourn the myriad uncertainties of 2020, more than 45 native and resident musicians from Austin, Texas have joined forces to produce Walk with Me Austin, a powerful anthem created to inspire and unite the City of Austin during a pivotal time in the U.S.  Available for download and streaming, Walk with Me Austin brings hope to the community while addressing matters of social and racial injustice, civil unrest, equality and the global coronavirus pandemic.’

The who’s who lsit on this project is too vast to name, but many artists that appear in this video have been featured on the blog before.  All proceeds to the purchase of this song will go towards HAAM (Health Alliance for Austin Musicians), so if you’re digging it, follow the links in the description, and share it around while encouraging others to do the same.


Revolution Rock :: Blackillac Teams Up With Caught A Ghost For ‘REVOLUTION’

Time moves on, and as many people have said, ‘the more things change, the more they stay the same’.  Whether planned or not, the day after many were let down by the American justice system once again in the wake of the Breonna Taylor grand jury decision to try 1 of the 3 cops connected to her killing for ‘wanton endangerment’ of the neighboring apartments, Blackillac and Caught A Ghost released REVOLUTION, a moving single and video montage honing directly in on the civil unrest and lack of justice that many minorities and disenfranchised communities face on a near daily basis.  Zeale and Phranchyze set aside their normal braggadocio and verbal complexity to tell strong truths over the sparse but stout backing track provided by Caught A Ghost.  Check this one out, leave a like and a comment if you support the message, and spread it around to help those who need to wake up do so.


Remix Treatment :: Bjorn Vader Reworks Some Familiar Classics

The homie Bjorn Vader has always had a natural knack for sample flipping, but sometimes it seems that he delves into the world of remixing just for fun.  As the summer rolls to a close, we find three new additions to his ever expanding catalog : the Steely Dan flip Essential Work, the Grateful Dead ode Smogged Out Street, and the Eagles remix Giant Eagle Unit.  Don’t sleep on these tracks, or the rest of Bjorn Vader‘s rapidly growing collection of songs, and always support your local creatives!